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 Post subject: Dark Heresy
PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:22 am 
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Gave the core rule book as a gift to a friend who is into the 40K setting and he was thrilled. So we made up characters and ran a test combat this weekend.

The dominance of autofire weapons in the game was something of a surprise. They far more effective than the single shot weapons due to the core damage and dodge mechanics. Only the most advanced single shot weapons like meltaguns need compare.

Generally combat is ugly and deadly, and what defensive options there are don't keep pace with the offensive ones. The Fate rules however look to be able to keep this under control (as long as the player saves a fate point for a 'get out of death free' card'. From what I've seen so far, insanity and corruption looks to be more of threat to the characters than anything else, and on that point it looks dim indeed.

I posted elsewhere about it's use of character ending elements in its psycher balance. A very foolish system that frankly doesn't even work that well in the wargame let alone an rpg.

But it's fun in a 'who care's, shoot them all' sort of way that our more serious games aren't. It will likely slot in as a one-off 'need a break' game taking the play of MtG or movie day.

Edit: Oh, and the other surprise is that it's basically a D&D style HP system, if one with much lower HP levles.

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