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 Post subject: Iridium V2 Tweaking
PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:35 pm 
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In the spirit of Jim's post here:
Jim wrote:
Challenges (bad news first):
  • We delayed the start far too long. I think the idea was to give everyone a chance to re-familiarize themselves with the rules/characters (3 of the 4 players were returning). Given we were going to be using the Iridium V2, there were some questions. The discussions were funny, so we all just kept filling the gaps.
  • Lots of Character Sheet questions - I don't know if people were unfamiliar with the new layout or what, but there was a lot of "where's that on my sheet?" I found the sheet pleasant to look at and a lot of information. Play might require a different organization.
  • Karma - I crossed it off my sheet (even if it was a neat use Suzi came up with!) :P
  • We had to quit early. I had to run off to a pre-agreed-to poker game and Mark said he would have had to leave not much later. Frankly? I would have loved to play for a lot longer.

The Fun:
  • Bill sets up a great adventure. The entire time we were playing I could see everyone trying to piece together what was going on behind it all - like watching a mystery and trying to figure it out. There were tons of good choices to consider, stuff for everyone to do. And for those who talk about how they don't like being the magic user who has to use the crossbow - the discussion about throwing the medicus at the opponent because Trixie had a better chance to connect using him as a thrown weapon than the medicus had trying to hit with an unarmed attack? Classic.
  • Bill does funny voices. No, really, he's good at making clear distinctions about character through voice. Brom as Beaker was hilarious. And at least once I, as Optio, felt like reaching over and smacking Bill when he was giving voice to Dectus Bato.
  • The side talk at the table was hilarious. Giant Roosters were the least clever thing discussed, trust me.
  • Iridium V2. It's in good shape. There's some discussion and tweaking, but thats for a different thread. Overall, I like it. Exploding damage dice - Yay!

This is from the AP report for Britannia at the Chicago Gameday. Here is a download of the current iteration o fthe rules (they need a trip past the editor):

ISCRV2 (PDF 2.83M)

Essentially, an item that came up during play was a much more concrete application of Karma. That is to say the whole add extra die to the successful hit. Some others I am thinking of is adding attacks, subtracting 10 from skill checks. Anything else you guys think might be neat?

Also, an odd observation. Folks found it easier to roll an attack and add the opponents defense rather than subtracting from their weapon use skill. I think I should represent that as options in the rules. Thoughts?


Edit: An example of the character sheet, the Optio Jim played:Titus (390 K PDF)

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