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 Post subject: [D&D 3.5e]The Middle Kingdoms: The Second Generation
PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 7:37 pm 
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Picking up from here, I'll be keeping track of my campaigns here.

Once again, for your convenience, the party:

  • Kaas a Chaotic Neutral Poison Dusk Lizard Man who has a single level in Barbarian, before he multi classed out to Dragon Shaman, following the Black Dragon as his totem. Currently he is 1st Level Barbarian, 8th level Dragon Shaman, and Poison Dusk ECL of 1.
  • Einar, a male human Cleric of Kratos (I know. So stolen, right?) who is Chaotic Good, and also tenth level.
  • Reginald Val El Alamein a male human Paladin, who is Lawful Good, and tenth level. Currently he has Tizick, an 8th level ECL Squire (2 levels of Cleric, 2 levels of bard, and 4 from being Half Celestial.), and his mount is Hershel, a Young Adult Bronze dragon. (Who is currently very cursed, unknown to Reginald.)
  • Rip Beak, a male Kenku Rogue who is Chaotic Neutral in alignment, and also tenth level.
  • Lucien, a blind male dwarven fighter, who is Neutral Good, and recently multi classed into barbarian as he savagely devolves from a civilized man to...well we're not sure what just yet. If I am not mistaken he is Fighter 9 Barbarian 1..
  • Aught a Neutral aligned Ranger of the tenth level, and his dog companion simply named "Dog.".

The Campaign, after a long hiatus, has picked up one year from the last adventure. The players have guided their freed slaves, numbering nearly ten thousand, to their old village Sassandra Pointe. Here they've helped the freed slaves establish a free city, and in the space of year they've accomplished some pretty amazing things. Bankrupting themselves in the process, as well as selling or donating several hard earned magical items to help build up the city. Having the city to a point where they feel it can safely grow with out their protection, and resources they have decided to set out to the North, to find out how thier village was originally destroyed, and it's inhabitants slain.

They pay a wizard the remainder of their fortunes to teleport them to Iron Helm, a city far to the north. Immediately they see that Iron helm is a city unlike what they are used to-the climate alone is vastly different! Chilled by the cool breezes, and the calls of slavers they see that a shanty city has sprung up alongside the walled city of Iron Helm. They also spot the manned guard towers, and the massive gate-which is down. The city is apparently sealed for the moment.

As they make their way forward they are besieged by the masses-the sick, the diseased, the tired, the hungry and the not so honest surround them. Einar and Reginald do what they can-passing out a few coins here, healing what they can there, and the crowd grows to nearly twice it's size. The City guard dispatches riders to break up the mob, fearing another food riot.

Once they see Reginald, splendidly dressed in his magical armor and his stately features they mistakenly assume he is a visiting Lord or perhaps some other dignitary, and escort the party to the city. There the PC's begin to make inquiries about a variety of things-where could they find the forge or forges in the city, where to find survival gear for the mountains and the cold, and more.

The party picks up quickly that they are being watched, and make use of the slum district to split the party. Kaas and Rip Beak attempt to sneak behind their tail, but Rip Beak botches a roll and they are able to circle back behind the PC's unseen. As the rest of the party makes their way to the Forge district they follow a single humanoid dressed in Grey robes, with a Grey turban.

As the rest of the party finally locates the forge they want Kaas and Rip Beak confront the stalker, and kill him. (A few lucky criticals made much shorter work of him than they expected.)

They rejoin the party with little more information, as the party begins to interrogate Otis, the Orc smith. The party discovers that Otis forged weapons and armor out of star metal for a Poison Dusk stranger who claimed to be leading mercenaries into the "Deep South", realizing his part in the destruction of their village he becomes remorseful and attempts to commit suicide to satisfy honor. They prevent him, and by the time they're done Otis has sworn to change his life forever, giving up his smith and possibly taking up life as a Priest.

From here they make arrangements to get a guide into the north lands, and then bed down for the night. During the night they are attacked by men in Grey robes with turbans, who turn out to be a part of the local thieves guild-or at least that's what they claim. The battle is swift, but Rip Beak falls-nearly slain by one of these assassins!

As the morning sun rises the party is left wondering just what's going on in Iron Helm?

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