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 Post subject: GaryCon I - The Baron's Keep.
PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:49 pm 
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OK, well, I'm swamped with work today, and I have to go through my notes, but I figured I'd start it just to get the ball rolling. But first, a heartfelt thanks to the guys who let me game with them this last Saturday - it was a blast. Thanks to Mark for being my travel partner and getting me connected. A special thanks to the GM, diaglo. That man knows the OD&D game like nobody's business. We played for...what...6 hours?...and he never cracked a book of any kind. Amazing.

For this one I'm going to try, what is it, third person limited? Forgive me if I wander, I'm not a writer...

Here's the first few paragraphs:

Torranz stumbled into the clearing at the base of the steep hill. In his mind, there was no question as to whether they would continue up towards the keep in the dwindling light, or remain at the base of the hill through the night to rest. “Besides,” he thought, “that switchback might look like a nice stroll up but it’s easily a few hours to the top.”

Gods he was tired. Torranz didn’t realize he had put voice to that last bit about how long it would take to reach the apex of the hill; that is until Yrag asked “Pardon?” in that annoying holier-than-thou voice. Egg, indeed.

“I said,” replied the short, thin man, “it’s not so easy to get to the top as it might look. It’s at least a few hours, and I don’t think I could make it!” His voice grew exasperated at the last which, of course, sent him into a coughing fit. There was only a bit of blood this time; he thought that a good sign.

In moments, Dullzingus and The Disciple of the Boss joined them. After some discussion, The Disciple agreed with Torranz, as did the Cooter. Dullzingus seemed oblivious to the problem; but he seemed unaware of just about everything except those damn spells he studied. But just as camp was about to be set, the mage announced they should sleep in the trees. Torranz hung his head as the others agreed; Gods he was tired and now he was going to have to spend the night in a tree! Just the thought sent him in another short coughing fit; even if the wizard’s idea wasn’t a bad one. His lungs hurt as he climbed into the tree, but if he was going to have to take second watch, he needed his sleep.

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